Postdoctoral positions available

The Neel Lab in the Department of Medicine at NYU Langone Health in New York City has immediate openings for postdoctoral fellows.

Projects are available in the following areas:

  • Application of new engineered mouse fallopian tube and ovarian surface epithelial organoid systems to study the interplay between specific tumor genomes, genome stability, drug response, and tumor microenvironment in high grade serous tubo-ovarian cancer (HGSC), with a particular focus on Cyclin E1-amplified tumors
  • Tumor cell-autonomous and -non-autonomous mechanisms of response and resistance to SHP2 inhibitors, alone and in combination, in pancreas cancer and lung cancer
  • Substrates and novel non-catalytic roles for SHP2
  • Role of PTP1B in regulating hypoxia sensitivity via lipid metabolism
    • Optimizing SHP2 inhibitor combinations in lung and pancreas cancer
    • Targeting Cyclin E1 ovarian cancer
    • PTP1B in control of hypoxic cell death

If interested, please email with research interests and CV.join_header